Explore Computer Science

Discover one of the most exciting STEM fields with trained instructors and your peers.


Workshops taught by experienced CS students

Join us for weekly workshops on introduction to computer science, python, machine learning and more! Learn from experienced CS students and create real world projects with our project-based workshops.

Hackathons and Competitions

Participate in CSC's largest event of the year, MontyHacks! Participants compete against each other by coding up a project from scratch to solve a real world problem with the chance to win prizes. CSC also prepares club members for competitions such as American Computer Science League and USACO through coaching and workshops.

Talks given by expert CS practitioners

Get advice and learn about the real world of Computer Science during these talks, given by Undergraduate and Graduate CS students at prestigious universities, as well as professionals in the CS field. Look out for updates on our instagram page to see new guest speakers!



MontyHacks is a one day hackathon where students from Montgomery and abroad participate in a coding competition to create the best solution to a real world problem. Winners receive prizes but food and workshops are available to all!

American Computer Science League

ACSL is a computer programming and computer science contest for K-12 students, offering multiple divisions for differing age group sand experience levels. A short multiple choice test on CS concepts is followed by a coding problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous programming experience to join?

No! In fact, many of CSC's members are complete beginners when they first join. There's something for anyone with any skill level to learn from at CSC!

What are the time commitments for this club?

It depends on how many activities you would like to participate in. Most members attend around 1-2 workshops a week, totalling 1-2 hours a week.

Which kinds of workshops are offered at CSC?

Workshops cover computer science principles and programming languages for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. To see a full list of workshops, see the workshop schedule.

Can beginners attend the MontyHacks hackathon?

Absolutely! MontyHacks will be a coding competition but beginners are highly encouraged to attend to get hands dirty wiht a real world project, and to get some good food :)

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